Juan Zambrano

ROA Quantification

Digital analytics is more than just another expense

In the last few years, organizations have been making big investments in digital analytics, but there are still uncertainties about the return on analytics (ROA). While companies are increasing their spend in digital analytics tools and people, we should remember that this only half of the equation. The second half of the digital analytics . . .

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December 01, 2015

Common Mistake When Figuring Out Who's Converting

Going beyond demographics

Smart online businesses are in agreement on the critical importance of "integrated" digital marketing opportunities. This is especially true today, knowing that the customer's journey is far more complex than ever before–try to analyze consumer interactions through your Google Analytics–and you will extract how different . . .

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March 05, 2015

The Orbital Funnel

Social influence, nonlinear purchasing, advocates, and beyond-transaction relationships

The world of online marketing and e-commerce is insanely complicated and ever-changing. Take the conversion funnel–which lots of companies fail to reconsider, continuing to follow the same old practices.

Consumers now live in a digital, social, mobile world. They are more knowledgeable, connected, and empowered than ever.

. . .

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March 03, 2015

'Quick and Nimble' Online Marketing

Another step towards management minimalism

Measurable results are nebulous these days–if you try to list KPIs in your online marketing campaigns, you could come up with 50 metrics and they might even be precise. This is a very common mistake–it becomes a whole lot of meaningless data. Managers tend to focus on data–lots of data–but I don't think they ask questions. That's the . . .

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February 19, 2015