Juan Zambrano

An Explanation of Sitecore Experience Platform (F/K/A DMS)

It's reshaping how we think of content.

With the rise of a more intelligent internet audience, many digital marketers are working on different ways to add their insights to content before it's delivered. And our ability to serve optimized experiences through individual technology platforms, and connected devices is becoming more complicated as more and more expectations from a . . .

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July 07, 2015

Lengthy Copy Won't Help You Convert

Listen up, old-school marketers.

Alright, we all need to get to the point and write shorter copy, using simpler words. Once you know what the context of a page should be, optimize your copy–condense it. Communicating the core message without unnecessary words will get the point across without losing your reader's attention. The folks at Portent, Inc. have 5 simple tips . . .

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June 26, 2015

How You Can Become More Experience-Centric

There is no "one right way".

How well do you understand your visitors? This is a key question on digital marketers' minds today. We are transitioning to using more data when it comes to understanding the needs, pain points, and interests of customers, and shifting to become experience-centric. Of course, this dynamic focus has intensified as web analytics and web . . .

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June 23, 2015

Teamwork and Principles

Putting people first matters in Digital Marketing. Here's why.

If you talk to people about what their work is lacking, you will probably hear a common frustration: "We need leaders who can put people first, not just talk about it." The complaint is usually followed by an observation about how they are actually treated like disposable diapers. This needs to change–especially in today's . . .

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June 16, 2015

Lessons Learned From Trying to Innovate

Cumulative error, distortion, and silos

Late last year I (my team) was tasked with a project to transform an existing offering and experience, and after coming up with original ideas, it was carelessly manipulated as it moved through the development chain (and all we could do was...).

I have talked about this throughout the years with colleagues at different companies, and . . .

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June 02, 2015

3 Reasons Your Digital Marketing Strategy Needs Rethinking

Developing good digital marketing strategies is more important than ever, because dozens of other brands are after your target customers. The way your company does business today, is highly influenced by constant market changes, disrupting technologies, and evolving demographics.

It's surprising to see how may companies neglect . . .

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May 26, 2015

The New Rules for Conversion Rate Optimization

Those who have had success in digital marketing know that conversion rate is ever-evolving and extremely agile. You may be an auto-parts marketplace today, but if you want to stay in business and grow, you will have to focus on migrating your conversion efforts to something you would have never imagined – storage and mobile app services? And . . .

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May 12, 2015